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ThermoElectric Device Embedded Controller

Applying Thermoelectric Devices in New Ways TEGway ThermoReal is a thermoelectric device embedded controller. TEGway has developed a way to generate a flexible array of miniature thermoelectric devices (TEDs). This flexible array of TEDs is powered in rows. This allows the array to individually control each row as hot, cold, or anywhere in between the

Cooling Artificial Intelligence Hardware - Next Generation of Electronics

Cool Artificial Intelligence

Cool Artificial Intelligence is Making a Big Splash this Summer It’s hard to ignore all of the attention diverted towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) recently. But AI isn’t a new thing. IBM’s Watson whipped two Jeopardy champions a decade ago. Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer, beat the reigning world chess champion 20 years ago (already?!).  Those

ucted Versus Bypass Flow Versus Free Flow for Heat Sinks

Ducted Versus Bypass Flow

Flow Types in Aavid Genie: Ducted Versus Bypass Flow Aavid Genie has a few different options when it comes to defining flow for your thermal simulation.  Genie defaults to having ducted flow for all three flow types in the Flow Definition portion of a project. One flow type, standard fixed flow, has the option of

Xbox One X - Project Scorpio

Xbox One X Thermal Management: The Hottest News in the Game Console World

Microsoft’s Xbox One X: More Power! The biggest hardware news out of E3 2017 this week has been the reveal for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X, which boasts some immense processing power. Just for fun, we wanted to take a look at the specs Microsoft put out for it’s new console