Copper and Aluminum Raw Material Example

Selecting or Defining Heat Sink Materials in Aavid Genie

Aavid Genie explores 6 different heat sink types: Extruded, Bonded Fin Assembly, Brazed Fin Assembly, Folded Fin Assembly, Skived Fin, and Zipper Fin Assemblies. Defining heat sink materials is based off the heat sink’s manufacturing method. Assembled heat sinks may have limitations on how they’re joined together. Single Piece Heat Sinks Extruded Heat Sinks Extruded and

Thermal Interface Material Illustration

Using Thermal Interface Material: What is It and How to Use It in Aavid Genie

Thermal interface material (TIM) is a crucial part of any thermal management solution. Since it’s physically a small portion of most applications, it’s an easy component to overlook. But using thermal interface material can sometimes make or break a device and it’s associated product. Thermal Interface Material: The Space Between… Many engineers focus more on

Thermal Image of Laptop After Extended Use

Thermal Management Introduction: Keeping Devices Cool

I don’t know what thermal management is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask… So, you’ve been tasked with the development of a new product. It’s your first big project and you remember your thermodynamics from college, but your electrical engineers are telling you that your product needs thermal management and that isn’t

Environmental Conditions and Considerations for Thermal Design

Environmental Conditions Range in Aavid Genie

Where Will Your Product End Up Being Used? When starting a new application, it’s critical that you determine what the environmental conditions range your end device will live in. Your environmental conditions will affect how easily your product might get to your maximum case temperature. Or maybe your user is in contact with your device

Heat Load and Calculating Maximum Case Temperature of Electronic Devices

Device Datasheets: Power Dissipation and How to Calculate Max Case Temperature

Gathering Critical Data for use in Aavid Genie Finding how much heat your electronic device dissipates and how to calculate max case temperature can sometimes be a pain. The device you are using in your application will typically have an extensive datasheet that accompanies your purchase or is available from the manufacturer. Most electronic device

Working Envelope Allowable Heat Sink Volume

What Aavid Genie Means: “Working Envelope” and Heat Sink Design Volume

Space: the Final Frontier In the “Project Conditions” page of Aavid Genie, there is a box that asks you the “Working Envelope.” This term refers to the heat sink design volume.   Think of this as the volume you have available for your heat sink in your application. Aavid Genie defines your working envelope in