Get Started using Aavid Genie

Aavid Genie Introduction Video

Design and run thermal simulations for a custom heat sink in less than 15 minutes! The Aavid Genie has a streamlined interface built so that all engineers can easily become their organizations’ thermal expert.

Heat Sink Design Project Screenshots from Aavid Genie Thermal Simulation Tool

Actual Screenshots from an Aavid Genie Project

Aavid Genie Video Tutorial

This Aavid Genie video walk through will guide you step by step through a full project example using the web app. The walk through covers how to input project conditions, selecting your heat sink technology, customizing your heat sink, running thermal simulations and moving onto the next steps of your project.

Watch Aavid Genie Video Tutorial for a Heat Sink Design Project

Ready to Jump In?

Before starting your heat sink design, we recommend reading the Project Checklist. The Aavid Genie Project Checklist identifies the information you should have ready to properly design your heat sink.

View the Project Checklist for Input Parameters Required for Heat Sink Design


If you do not have all of the information ready, that is not a problem. Aavid Genie stores your project as you go so that you can come back to it as many times as it takes. It also gives real time thermal approximations so you can appropriately make design tweaks prior to running thermal simulations.

Quick Start Guide

This short visual guide will walk you through a full project from Registration to Next Steps.