Getting Heat Sink Drawings and 3D Models from Aavid Genie

Aavid Genie has the ability to generate heat sink drawings and 3D models of the heat sink you simulated in a project. You have the ability to purchase both of them as a package with Genie Credits. These heat sink drawings and 3D models are available for immediate download.

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Step By Step: How to Purchase and Download Heat Sink Drawings and 3D Models

After you have simulated your heat sink and reviewed your results, Aavid Genie will present you with some options for your Next Steps. One of those options is to download project files.

Download Files Next Steps for Heat Sink Design in Aavid Genie Screenshot


These download options include your:

Solution Report: A summary of your results and all of your simulated conditions

aCool Project File: The full heat sink design and parameters that you can use in the aCool CFD software

3D Printable File: The 3D model of the heat sink you simulated

2D CAD Drawing: A 2D drawing of the heat sink profile you simulated

Download 3D files and Drawings for Heat Sink Design in Aavid Genie Screenshot

By clicking either the 3D or 2D download options, you will be prompted to confirm the purchase of the files. When you purchase the heat sink drawing or the 3D model, you purchase access to both files.

Confirmation for Using 15 Aavid Genie Credits for Design File Downloads

When you select “Proceed”, the Genie Credits are immediately deducted from your account and the first file you selected will begin to download. To download the other file, simply click the other option and the download for that file should begin immediately. If you do not have enough credits, you will be brought to the Buy Credits page.

Aavid Genie Heat Sink Drawings

Aavid Genie heat sink drawings are fairly simple, but have enough detail for your in-house machinist to whip something up quickly for you to prototype and test with. Dimensions not depicted on the profile drawing are listed in the notes above the title block. These heat sink drawings come in .DXF format and can be opened by a variety of CAD packages. Keep the file for your records and feel free to add any notes you need.

Heat Sink Drawings Generated by Aavid Genie

Heat Sink Drawing Example Generated by Aavid Genie


Aavid Genie Heat Sink Models

Aavid Genie generates a simple 3D model that utilizes the heat sink profile and length that you used in your simulation. The Genie produces 3D models in a .STL format. Feel free to use it in your product assembly files to complete your product design.

Heat Sink 3D CAD Model Generated by Aavid Genie

Heat Sink 3D CAD Model Example Generated by Aavid Genie


Sharing Heat Sink Drawings and Models

Previously simulated heat sink design projects whose drawings have been purchased will retain their solution and files when shared with another Aavid Genie user. If you want to share your Aavid Genie heat sink design with someone on your engineering team, there is no need to purchase the simulation and heat sink drawings and models more than once.

Keep in mind that these files are unique for each simulation, so you will need to repurchase the heat sink drawing and model downloads for every separate simulation. In other words, if you simulate the same project under 5 different sets of conditions, each simulation will have it’s own set of downloads. You don’t need to purchase every set of the heat sink drawings, but only the ones you need.

Happy Designing!

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