Aavid Genie is free to register and start designing. All of the estimation tools, technology comparisons, and initial design customization are available to any user prior to simulating a heat sink design. However, each simulation costs one Genie Credit and full CAD files will cost 15 additional Genie Credits.

All users start with 3 free credits. Additional Credits can be purchased within the application via PayPal.

Credit Pricing Structure:

1 Credit $15
10 Credits $139
50 Credits $599
100 Credits $1100

To purchase credits offline and for larger credit packs, please contact Aavid Sales:

Phone: +1.603.528.3400
Email: sales.na@aavid.com

Credits will be applied to your account within 2 business days of purchase. Please note, that you will need to be registered before Credits can be applied. It is best to have your Aavid Genie login email ready at the time of purchase.