Introducing Aavid Genie – Online Heat Sink Design Tool

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More About the Aavid’s Online Thermal Design Tool

Aavid Genie is a thermal design software application available online. The Aavid Genie guides engineers through the thermal solution design process with helpful tips and real-time thermal performance estimates. With the Aavid Genie, it is easy to design and simulate your heat sink in under 15 minutes!

Once you input your requirements and design parameters, the Genie calculates the most optimum heat sink designs to fit your needs. These design options can be ranked by size, mass, thermal performance, and pressure drop to help you choose the right fabrication and flow rate for your application. The heat sink design tool then walks you through additional customization options such as adding more fins, heat pipes, and flow rates. Lastly, you place your heat sources. Aavid Genie allows for multiple heat sources of varying size and shapes as well as adding uniform heat loads.

How much is all this costing? So far, nothing. It is free to register and start designing; no credit cards or contracts are necessary. In order to get a full and accurate thermal report, at this point the Aavid Genie will run the thermal simulation at the cost of one Genie Credit.

Once you have run your thermal simulation, the Genie offers several next steps for making your heat sink a reality:

Register today and start with 3 free credits!

Additional Credits can be purchased in the application through PayPal, or contact Aavid Sales to be invoiced on Net30 Terms.