Aavid Genie : Virtual Thermal Engineer


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Save Money

The Aavid Genie is an online heat sink design application that allows you to develop basic, custom heat sinks to fit your applications without the need for hiring an engineering consultant or licensing expensive CFD software.

It also allows for rapid modeling and feasibility studies early in the design phase to save on design time and prototyping costs for more complex solutions.

Registration is free and it is free to start designing. Aavid Genie works on a credits system and is pay per thermal simulation. Unlike licensed software or outside services, you do not pay until you are ready to see how your custom heat sink will perform.

Users can purchase one or more credits at their discretion and can use these credits to run thermal simulations or to purchase drawings or CAD models of their designs. Credits never expire and can be used at any time.


Save Time

Aavid Genie runs its thermal simulations in minutes, much faster than current industry software! Knowing all the parameters, even non-technical individuals can build a manufacturable heat sink in under 15 minutes.

By using Aavid Genie for rapid online heat sink design and modeling, engineers can also save time in the early phases of design by quickly evaluating different constructions and parameters without needing to do a full design using CFD software.

Additionally, by having what is essentially a Virtual Thermal Engineer at your fingertips, you greatly reduce the amount of time communicating your needs or coordinating with engineers outside your team.


Save Frustration

Not only does the Genie have a streamlined, user-friendly interface for frustration-free design work, it also teaches you as you go. Within the app there are helpful tips and guides for optimizing your heat sink. It will also guide you through your technology selection based on your needs, and it will let you know when you are coming close to violating your parameters.


Save Your Design!

Aavid Genie empowers all engineers to make more educated choices regarding their thermal management solutions and to start considering cooling options earlier in the design process. Cooling is becoming an increasingly vital component to product success, and yet it is still often overlooked which leads to poor product performance, costly mistakes, and even device failure. Aavid Genie is the tool that will help you avoid these potential threats and begin your projects poised for success.

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Special Features

  • Multiple Heat Sources & Heat Source Placement
  • Customization for Each Heat Source
  • Flow Rate & Direction
  • Basic Heat Pipe Modeling
  • Multiple Heat Sink Constructions/Fin Types
  • Technology & Flow Rate Comparison Matrices
  • Thermal Contouring & Multi Directional Views
  • Drawings and 3D CAD Model Development
  • Easy Quote Process