Register for the Magic that is Aavid Genie

How to Register for Aavid Genie

You’ve read why you should use Aavid Genie and what’s so awesome about it, and now you’re ready to register!

Go to the Registration Page

Go to

 Aavid Genie Registration Form Screenshot

Input your Email

Please make sure that you use a valid email address. This email address will be used to verify your account and contact you when you request additional assistance. Your credits you start with and purchase will be associated with this email, so make sure everything’s correct!

Generate a Password

Passwords must be minimum 8 characters long. Your password must contain at least 1 alphabet character, 1 number and 1 special character, which includes:

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

While we pride ourselves in having a much shorter version of Terms and Conditions that some other notorious vendors *couch* Apple *cough*, it’s still a few pages long and worth looking over. You can find the full text through the link on the registration page on the app or here.

Aavid Genie Registration Form without Terms and Conditions Acceptance

You cannot register unless you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Click Register!

When all your information is all set and you’ve filled out all the required information, the register button will turn blue.

Aavid Genie Registration Form Ready for Submission

Check Your Email

Check your email (in the inbox of the one you carefully typed in on the registration page), and look for an email from If you don’t see the email in 5-10 minutes, check your junk email. You may have some tough rules against automated emails enabled. If you still don’t see this email, please email explaining your issue.

Verify Your Account

When you open that email, you’ll see a warm welcome from Aavid Genie with an orange button. Click the orange button to verify your email.

Aavid Genie Registration Verification Email


Login to Aavid Genie

Now you can use that email address and password to login to Aavid Genie!

Happy Designing!

You’ll start with 3 free wishes when you first register. Each can be spent for a thermal simulation. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, our Get Started page has a few resources like a video tutorial,  a project checklist, and a quick start guide.

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